Fusion Collection

Looking for a lighter alternative or your favorite far east flavors? You’ve come to the right place! Sweet Crumbs’ Fusion Collection offers a unique selection of chiffon and cheese cakes that are light, fluffy and less sweet than your traditional cupcake. Choose from the distinctive flavors below!

For more flavors, check out the Signature Collection and Breakfast Collection. To place your order, click here. Minimum of 1 dozen cupcakes per order.


Mango Mousse Chiffon

A delicious transformation of our favorite Asian mango mousse cake, this treat is made with a light vanilla chiffon cake filled with a refreshing fresh fruit mango mousse, and topped with fresh whipped cream frosting drizzled with a sweet mango syrup.

$24 for 6,

$40 for 12


Durian Chiffon

An exotic fruit of Southeast Asia with a pungent fragrance and custard-like texture now captured within a cupcake! Experience this “king of the fruits” delight – vanilla chiffon cake filled with a durian mousse, topped with fresh whipped cream frosting and decorated with a piece of freeze-dried durian imported from Thailand.

$24 for 6,

$40 for 12


Green Tea Red Bean Chiffon

This soft and fluffy chiffon cake is made with matcha green tea powder and filled with an azuki (red bean) mousse, topped with a red bean vanilla whipped cream frosting.

$24 for 6,

$40 for 12


Chestnut Chiffon

This premium cupcake is a light vanilla chiffon cake filled with a sweetened chestnut puree imported from France, topped with vanilla whipped cream frosting and threads of chestnut.

$26 for 6,

$42 for 12


Japanese Cheesecake

The very first flavor introduced in this collection, this cupcake is a much lighter version of the traditional cheesecake. It’s light, airy and velvety smooth with a hint of vanilla and lemon zest, topped with fresh whipped cream frosting and fresh fruit.

$20 for 6,

$36 for 12

“After trying Sweet Crumbs, I was hooked! I no longer eat desserts from the local shops as they are extremely sweet. I recently ordered two dozen cupcakes from Sweet Crumbs for a baby shower, and the cupcakes were nearly gone after 10 minutes! I had to hide two away for my husband and myself! Everyone enjoyed them!” – Alice T.

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